With deep experience across industries and a relentless focus on driving strategic impact, we've earned a reputation as the go-to strategic data science firm.



Delivering measurable strategic impact
for clients is our top priority. Whether implementing custom algorithms, training teams on emerging  techniques, or guiding clients in structuring in-house capabilities, we work hard to make a transformative impact every step of the way.    


At Valkyrie, the bar is set at above and beyond. Our team is dedicated to always going the extra mile for our clients and the customers they serve, and passionate about breaking boundaries to advance the field of data science in the process.   


Our mission is to serve humanity through data science, one client at a time. Count on us to separate fact from fiction and deliver  powerful capabilities that drive tangible strategic value for your organization.  No hype. No BS. Just real science, strategically applied to transform your business.

Become a Valkyrie

We are scientists and strategists on a mission to advance the field of data science and put our cutting-edge technology to work on humanity's biggest challenges. We champion integrity, ingenuity and inclusion.  We see opportunity in adversity and believe in creating a brighter, more human future with thoughtfully designed solutions. 


We seek leaders in the fields of science and strategy who think with both sides of their brains, and are deeply committed to serving clients and their customers. If you want to tackle the toughest challenges in a variety of industries with a fun, mission-driven team, connect with us. We can't wait to get to know you.