• Valkyrie

Announcing Valkyrie Velocity

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Valkyrie is excited to announce the launch of our newest venture, Valkyrie Velocity. Velocity, our science-powered racing team, is dedicated to bringing machine intelligence to the race track.

By pairing our state-of-the-art technology with the precision of racing, we’ve created Austin’s first and finest racing venture. We’re proud that the team, drivers and sponsors all hail from our home city of Austin as well. This year, we joined forces with DEForce Racing to debut Valkyrie Velocity at the F4 US Championship at Circuit of the Americas, during the US F1 Grand Prix weekend. We look forward to empowering our team with intelligent driver selection and performance support, predictive maintenance, and on-track performance.

Tonight, among friends and family, Valkyrie and DEForce will proudly debut our racing team. This partnership is the first step in our journey of bringing our boundary-pushing science to the racetrack.

Why racing, why F4, and why now? The answer is simple. Racing has historically been rooted in precision, science, design, and calculated risk. The slightest tweak can win or lose a race. Much like data science, a winning car, driver and team are dependent on calculations made at every turn. We are rarely in a position to discuss the nature of our work, and Velocity affords us the ability to share our science chops in a tangible, exciting way.

“Spending the day at our test facility was incredible. There is a greater story here than just science applied to sports. It's a manifestation of what happens when you combine talent, passion & precision. I couldn’t be more proud of our incredible team, and what we’ve accomplished together,” Valkyrie Founder and CEO, Charlie Burgoyne.

Toni Calderon, one of the Velocity partners as well as managing Partner and CEO at Speed Group, shared: "I'm very excited to be able to be a part of this project from its inception. When Charlie and the rest of the Valkyrie crew came to me with this idea, I was immediately impressed not only by their passion but also by what an amazing company they've built. It only took a few minutes before the light bulbs started going on and we've now come up with great concepts on how to expand the Valkyrie Velocity project in the near future. I can't wait to have the first phase of the project on the track this week, and to show everyone what we'll be doing next year! My goal is to make Valkyrie Velocity the leading science voice in the motorsports world."

The team’s driver, Kory Enders, is confident in defending his USGP 2018 podium finish this year. He has spent this season training with the DEForce team and is looking forward to being behind the wheel of his Ligier JS F4 DEForce Racing machine, decked out in Valkyrie Velocity wings determined “to claim the top step on the famed COTA podium that he missed out on last season,'' according to an F4 US Championship article.

“I’m super excited to finally get back in the car at my home race here in Austin, Texas,” said Enders in an interview with F4. “The team has been working so hard all season to make this car as fast as it is and I’m excited to finally reap the benefits. We came in third last year and I’m not settling for anything but a first-place finish this year.”

Valkyrie Velocity is science realized. Through months of hard work, we’re proud to launch our racing company and begin our journey of merging science and motorsports. We couldn’t be more excited about seeing our wings on the track this weekend, but know it’s only the beginning.