• Valkyrie

Change of Command: Valkyrie at USSOCOM

Updated: Mar 9

This past week, Valkyrie had the distinct honor of participating in General Tony Thomas’ Change of Command Ceremony. General Thomas has been the acting Commanding General overseeing the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for the past 3 years, succeeding Admiral McRaven. General Thomas’ legacy is one of action, honor and innovation, with a particular focus on the use of artificial intelligence to protect our service members and American interests.

A Legacy of Relentless Innovation

During his address at General Thomas’ Change of Command Ceremony, Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanhan noted, “You have also driven relentless innovation across this command, modernizing and improving manning of our SOF and showing leadership within the Department of Defense in artificial intelligence, machine learning and beyond. As a result, SOCOM has reduced flash-to-bang, procuring and fielding the best equipment for our war fighters at the speed of relevance.”

Over the past few months, Valkyrie has had the privilege of spending time with General Thomas and his team both at SOCOM installations and in our Austin lab, briefing him on the applications of AI and ML. Recently, our Founder Charlie Burgoyne was named advisor to SOCOM under General Thomas to provide insight into emerging technologies being deployed by US Forces.

Celebrating General Thomas’ career of service and bravery was nothing short of sacred for our team. We’re humbled to play a role in SOCOM’s path forward in applying data science in the military and are excited for what’s ahead.