• Valkyrie

Congratulations To Our Clients, BuildFax and Olono

Last week two of Valkyrie clients’ had successful exits, and we’re proud to have supported these great companies from their early stages.

BuildFax, a company that collects and aggregates property data, was acquired by Verisk, a leading data analytics provider. While working with BuildFax, we developed predictive models to identify trends in behavior and trends within the housing and remodeling markets, enabling our client to drive new revenue with new product offerings. We’d like to congratulate Holly Tachovsky and Jonathan Kanerek on their great leadership and their incredible team on their accomplishment.

Olono, an AI-powered sales tool, was acquired by InsightSquared, a sales analytics tool. We acted as Olono’s key intelligence partner, advising them to rethink how their AI predicts sales performance through behavioral vectors and how their data could be monetized in new ways. Congratulations to James Davison, Dan Greff & Larry Warnock and their fantastic team.

BuildFax and Olono were among our first clients and were an integral part of our own founding journey. Their faith in the early days of our team was invaluable for our growth. It is truly an honor to have served as their data science partner and contributed to their success. Our sincerest congratulations to these two incredible organizations - we look forward to supporting their continued achievements.

We love working with companies like these, companies who can adapt to new opportunities and pair a clear vision with precise execution. Part of our portfolio will continue to work with similar growth companies, with Nano as the latest example. We look forward to working with Steve Papermaster, Bill Welser, and Aaron Papermaster on the exciting vision they've developed which we will help realize with applied science and machine learning.