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Updated: Mar 9

Welcome to the Valkyrie AI blog. Here, you’ll find thoughtful reflections and stimulating ideas from our team, a collective of some of the most curious, insightful and creative minds in our industry. We're thrilled to share our passion for data science with deep dives into our thoughts, research and work.


We live in a historic time. The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us, and humans and machines are now living and working together in new and complex ways. We use machine learning to predict and mitigate financial risk and recommend the movies we should watch next. We use it to alert doctors to anomalies in cancer screenings and to match users with products they should consider in an online store. But while machine learning is increasingly embedded in every aspect of our lives, few understand the advanced math, science and technology at its core. Fewer still have a true grasp on both its tremendous potential and the implications of its use on our communities and our lives. It is our sincere hope to empower our readers to understand the real possibilities, complexities and nuances of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science in order to confidently engage with these tools in their personal and professional lives.


At Valkyrie, we believe technology should propel humanity forward. Our mission is to advance the field of data science for the betterment of all. We’re excited about the future of intelligence and eager to contribute to its development through client work and independent research. You’ll find we’re neither starry-eyed idealists nor alarmists or cynics. We’re disciplined practitioners, working to ensure that every step forward in our field makes life on earth better.

We’re glad your curiosity led you to our blog. Check back for deep dives into our scientific process, stories of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the real world, thoughtful explorations of their social and economic impacts and implications, “Art of the Possible” think pieces, and other captivating insights into the burgeoning field of data science.

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