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Valkyrie Velocity's Race Week Wrap-Up

Our hearts are still racing after an extraordinary first week for Valkyrie Velocity. We're incredibly grateful to everyone that helped make this new venture possible and for the outpouring of support we’ve received. From the excitement of the launch party to the exhilaration of seeing our wings up on the podium, Valkyrie Velocity’s debut week was a smash.

The Valkyrie Velocity launch event was full of family, friends and supporters. So full in fact, we had a line going through the lobby. To everyone that braved the cold evening to support us, we are so thankful. Our team was thrilled to display the newly unveiled Valkyrie Velocity car on Congress Avenue and share our vision for the new venture with our community.

The US F4 Championship weekend exceeded our expectations as well. In partnership with DEForce Racing and Speed Group, the Valkyrie Velocity car made its racing debut on the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin. Our team driver, Kory Enders, did a fantastic job in Saturday’s F4 Championship race by making it to the podium, taking third place overall. This weekend's success was a testament to our exceptional driver, partners and team.

Now that the race is over, our eyes are set on the road ahead. Valkyrie Velocity has an exciting future in racing and we’re thrilled about the progress we’ve made in these fast and furious months.

The dream we’ve set out to achieve is to merge our capabilities with racing in order to bring intelligence to the track. Our Velocity kickoff week was beyond anything we could have hoped for, and after a tremendous launch party and podium-making first race, we’re well on our way to seeing our vision through.

As our Founder and CEO, Charlie Burgoyne shared, “The car is a living demo of the scientific capabilities of our team. Now that we’ve successfully launched, with a podium no less, we will expand our ML capabilities throughout the racing vertical. I’m so proud of the team, the effort that they’ve put in and the fact that they now have a project they can speak about freely. They have accomplished so much, and we’re just getting started.”